Augmented Reality’s Intersection With Culture, Law, IP and Ethics [VIDEO]

At the Augmented World Expo earlier this month in Santa Clara, California, I moderated two consecutive hour-long panel discussions.  The first, entitled “Augmented Reality’s Impact on Society and Culture,” was a lively discussion with author Greg Kipper; reality architect Tish Shute of Syntertainment, Inc.; wearable computing developer Noah Zerkin; and computer vision pioneer Dr. Steve […]

5 Predictions for Augmented Reality Law in 2013 (and a Look Back at 2012)

As a public radio commentator once said, augmented reality has “been the Next Big Thing for a while now, although it never manages to become the Actual Current Big Thing.”  In keeping with this Sisyphean observation, we did not (yet) see quite as much development in either AR technology or the law governing its use in […]

Patent Troll Launches Infringement Litigation War on Augmented Reality Retailers

Last week I described a wide-ranging patent that Zugara received for its virtual dressing room AR technology.  This week I discovered* a series of six patent infringement lawsuits that another company has filed against 10 separate defendants over their use of similar technology–including at least one site designed by Zugara.  The AR patent wars that […]

Zugara Obtains Patent for Augmented Reality “Social Shopper”

For the past year, I have been advising my readers in the augmented reality industry to obtain patents on their inventions for quite some time now, and I’ve been warning that patent battles over this technology were just around the corner.  Both that advice and that prediction were vindicated on September 25, 2012 with the […]