Facebook Confessions: Will They Hold Up In Court? (Guest Post)

Joe Suhre is the principal attorney of Suhre & Associates, LLC with offices in Chicago, Illinois, Dayton, Ohio, and Columbus, Ohio. He received a Criminal Justice degree from Xavier University and worked for 6 years as an auxiliary police officer. He later received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. On September 6, 2013, […]

[GUEST POST] Social Media and Criminal Law: Harassment and True Threats

This post was principally authored by Joseph R. Morrison, Jr., a law student at the University of Michigan and a 2012 summer associate at Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP. Social media, by definition, facilitates a person reaching out and communicating more easily with a larger number of people.  This is beneficial in that it […]

High School Ok’d to Suspend Student for Rapping About “Dirty” Coaches

To the surprise of exactly no one, kids are continuing to post material online that adults find inappropriate.  Schools keep punishing them for it, and several parents are continuing to sue in response.  The most recent example comes to us from Itawamba County, Mississippi. On March 15, 2012, in Bell v. Itawamba County School Board, […]

Feb.15 Webinar: Social Media Legal Implications for Health Care Providers

On Wednesday, February 15, my colleagues Linda Ross and Mary Pate and I will be presenting on this topic in a webinar sponsored by the Michigan Health & Hospital Association (MHA).    More information and a registration form are available here. This is our second time presenting to the MHA’s constituency, but the substance of our […]

5 Predictions for Augmented Reality Law in 2012

This could finally be the year that the public begins to see augmented reality as a serious, important technology.   Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief at Mashable, certainly thinks so.  He listed AR as the first of “5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012.”  “Trust me,” he wrote, “by 2013, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who […]

Posting Videos of Police on YouTube: Protected by the First Amendment?

Every week brings another headline about yet another citizen arrested and charged with wiretapping or eavesdropping (or sued civilly for invasion of privacy) for recording police officers acting in the line of duty. Indeed, a 41-year-old mechanic in Illinois currently faces life in prison merely for recording officers issuing a citation. Social media offers a […]

Social Media and Student Discipline in Public Schools

If there is a boundary, count on high school students to test it.  And with the advent of social media, now the entire world–not to mention their school administrators and the rest of their student body–can watch them do it.  Hundreds, probably thousands, of public middle and high school students have been disciplined for material […]

Public Companies, Social Media, and SEC Regulation FD

Public companies are using social media to amplify the impact of their public statements and increase shareholder engagement. For example, companies are “live tweeting” (i.e., posting updates to Twitter in real time as an event is happening) their earning calls and annual meetings. A social media site called StockTwits curates such information in real time. […]