Does Your Workplace Have a Sousveillance Policy?

Remember the good old days–like, last year–when all that most companies needed to know about their employee’s social media activity is that the company should have a policy about it?  Well, those halcyon days are long gone.  Now it’s only a matter of days before thousands of newly minted “Google Explorers” start wearing their Google […]

Employee Rights and Social Media – A Summary of NLRB Enforcement Activity

When can an employer go too far in punishing employees for their statements in social media? The National Labor Relations Board caused a stir in October 2010 by filing its first enforcement action related to social media.  Specifically, the Board alleged that American Medical Response of Connecticut, Inc. violated federal labor law by terminating an […]

While You Were Sleeping… I Infringed Your Publicity Rights on Facebook

It’s fairly well-understood by now that impersonation is a significant problem on the internet. How do you know that a person speaking online actually is who they say they are? Different social media sites handle the issue in their own ways. Twitter will offer certain well-known users the option of a “Verified” account. Facebook requests […]

Evolving Standards of Online Decency?

For as long as there has been social media (lo these handful of years), seldom a day has passed without a news story about someone’s online post getting them fired. Teenager tweeting her boredom at work? Canned. Teacher griping about students on Facebook? Fired. Professional athlete trash-talks his management online? Booted. And so on. By […]