Employees Lie, Get Busted on Facebook – But It’s Their Boss That Gets Fired

This case is noteworthy for the same reason that “Man Bites Dog” stories make news.  Examples of employees, insurance claimants, cheating spouses, and the like being busted by their Facebook posts are so common nowadays as to be cliche.  The case of Rodriguez v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (N.D. Tex., Jan. 9, 2013) begins with the […]

The Real Reason Walmart’s Social Media Policy Survived and Costco’s Didn’t (Hint: It’s Not “Defamation”)

The legal blogosphere has been tripping over itself to write about the National Labor Relations Board’s September 7, 2012 Costco decision.  As the first social media-related decision from the NLRB itself–previous cases had been from lower administrative law judges or nonbinding guidance from the NLRB’s general counsel–it deserved careful attention.   Unfortunately, in the rush […]