AR & the Law – My Presentation at the Mobile AR Event

On October 11, I had the great honor of presenting at the Mobile AR Event, held in San Diego during the CTIA Enterprise & Applications Conference. It was a privilege to share the stage with representatives from such AR pioneers as daqri, Layar, GoldRun, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Metaio, Second Site, and others. My subject, appropriately enough, […]

AR Addiction: Could Augmented Reality Get Too Immersive?

Can you be trusted to design your own reality? Immersed in the Digital World Augmented Reality technology is all about customizing the world around us.  Through video-enabled smartphone and tablet apps, and soon directly through eyewear, it overlays digital data over our perception of the physical world.  The virtual world gets layered directly on top […]

Personal Jurisdiction: Can My AR App Get Me Sued in a Foreign State?

Picture this: a European software company writes an augmented reality program that allows people to discover information in their respective locales.  An end user in New Jersey downloads the app, and is injured while using it.   (Maybe it gives her bad directions that cause a traffic accident, or maybe it gives her improper instructions […]

Everything Illuminated: Taggants as Ubiquitous AR Markers – Part 2

  In my previous post on this subject, I described a future in which “taggants” (trackable micro- or nano-sized particles) are everywhere–in the paint on a building, the fabric of our clothes, impregnated in the metal and plastic of our consumer goods and vehicles … even in clouds of dust.  A ubiquitous network of machine-recognizable […]

No Augmenting Reality While Driving?

A recent article in MIT’s Technology Review raises several, very practical questions about how the daily use of augmented reality eyewear will affect us. I want to focus here on just one of the issues it raises–the risks of driving while augging. Driver distraction is already widely recognized as an epidemic. Simply talking on your […]

Augmented Reality Tattoos and Copyright Law

Two completely unrelated stories broke in the past week that, when considered together, raise interesting questions for the augmented reality industry. (Just the sort of serendipity for which the blogosphere is designed!) The first was the news that the artist behind Mike Tyson’s facial tattoo had filed a copyright infringement suit against Warner Brothers for […]

Projection Mapping, AR, and Architectural Copyrights

I have to admit: it took me awhile to “get” projection mapping. If you haven’t heard about it, “projection mapping” was defined by Mashable as ” a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3D video.” I had seen references to this “new technology” in a few different places recently, and it appears to […]

Augmented Reality Games and Physical Injury

I love games. Especially the type that really engage your mind and force you to solve problems creatively. By all indications, I’m not alone. The video game reportedly made $10.5 billion in 2009 alone. At one point, the company behind the ubiquitous Facebook games Farmville and Mafia Wars was valued at $5 billion. So you […]