Introducing the World’s First Book on Augmented Reality Law!

After many months of work, I’m pleased to announce that Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics is now available from Elsevier. This 360-page book incorporates and updates the analysis I’ve been publishing in this Augmented Legality® blog for the past four years, and expands the discussion into new subjects not previously covered. <br /> This table of contents […]

[INTERVIEW] BC “Heavy” Biermann: Taking Back Public Spaces With AR

I’m one of several people who write about how augmented reality will change the world some day.  BC “Heavy” Biermann is one of the few people currently helping to make that happen.  In addition to working as an assistant professor of media, BC is the founder and developer behind The Heavy Projects, the brains behind […]

This Week in Augmented Reality

Don’t follow me on Twitter?  Then you’re missing out on my daily links to new and interesting developments in the world of AR.  And since Twitter’s recent redesign now makes it easier than ever to embed tweets directly into blog pages, I now bring you this summary of the news that I’ve shared this week: […]

Political Activism, Social Change, and Augmented Reality

Superimposing digital data on the physical world is not just for the 1%.  As more of our innovators, artisans, and marketers experiment with augmented reality, the tumultuous politics of our times are beginning to follow suit. Protests and Social Change This year’s Occupy movement broke new ground in various ways that will keep sociologists and […]

AR Addiction: Could Augmented Reality Get Too Immersive?

Can you be trusted to design your own reality? Immersed in the Digital World Augmented Reality technology is all about customizing the world around us.  Through video-enabled smartphone and tablet apps, and soon directly through eyewear, it overlays digital data over our perception of the physical world.  The virtual world gets layered directly on top […]