[INTERVIEW] BC “Heavy” Biermann: Taking Back Public Spaces With AR

I’m one of several people who write about how augmented reality will change the world some day.  BC “Heavy” Biermann is one of the few people currently helping to make that happen.  In addition to working as an assistant professor of media, BC is the founder and developer behind The Heavy Projects, the brains behind […]

Google Maps Shows the Path to Avoiding Liability for User Injuries

Why did Lauren Rosenberg cross the road?  Probably not for the purpose of creating case law that will help shield publishers in augmented, social, and other digital media from liability when users of those media hurt themselves.  But that’s exactly what she accomplished. Ms. Rosenberg is a Utah resident.  One day she found herself wanting […]

ARE2011 – The Augmented Reality Event

Apologies for not having posted substantive content this week. I spent most of the week in Santa Clara, California attending the second annual Augmented Reality Event. ARE2011 was a fantastic gathering of nearly all the active players in the entire AR industry, from the humblest startup to giants like Microsoft and Qualcomm. It featured dozens […]