Pokemon GO and the Crisis on an Infinitely Augmented Earth

In the classic comic book series Crisis on Infinite Earths, thousands of worlds collided. Prior to that title, virtually all of the various stories told and characters created by DC’s various comics were said to take place within parallel dimensions of the same universe. This convenient device allowed the “Golden Age” superhero stories from mid-century comic books […]

Sacred Ground: When (Augmented) Worlds Collide

A few years ago,years ago, a Native American tribe in northern Michigan tried protect a particular piece of land. This land was the site of an impressive rock formation. To the company who owned the mineral rights underneath that land, the rock was the most convenient place to drill an access tunnel to the mine […]

Crime and Punishment in Online Gaming Communities (Guest Post)

Patrick B. McDonald is a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law with a passion for the law of copyright and technology.  He writes on the topic with a focus on video games and interactive media at videogamelaw.wordpress.com. It’s no secret that online gaming communities aren’t the nicest places to be.  It […]

Another Augmented Reality Gamer Arrested–But With Good Reason?

News is spreading that a student at  H. L. Bourgeois High School in Gray, Louisiana was arrested last week after posting a YouTube video of himself using the AR app Real Strike to simulate a machine gun attack on his classmates.  As most AR technology does, Real Strike–which bills itself as the “First-Ever Augmented-Reality Gun App”–superimposes digital […]

Staying Out of Trouble While Playing Augmented Reality Games

Not long ago, I had the opportunity to sit down for coffee with two high-ranked players of the popular AR game “Ingress.”   If you’re not familiar with the game, it’s a massively multi-player experience  shared by people across the globe.  Players organize themselves into thousands of cells aligned with one of two factions–the “Enlightenment” […]

Augmented Reality Gamer Detained By Police

For years now, in blog posts and in speeches across the country, I have been warning about the real-world implications of augmented reality games.  Primarily, I’ve focused on the risk of getting physically hurt while playing these virtual games. But I’ve also shared the story of an incident that happened only a few miles from […]

AR Addiction: Could Augmented Reality Get Too Immersive?

Can you be trusted to design your own reality? Immersed in the Digital World Augmented Reality technology is all about customizing the world around us.  Through video-enabled smartphone and tablet apps, and soon directly through eyewear, it overlays digital data over our perception of the physical world.  The virtual world gets layered directly on top […]

Google Maps Shows the Path to Avoiding Liability for User Injuries

Why did Lauren Rosenberg cross the road?  Probably not for the purpose of creating case law that will help shield publishers in augmented, social, and other digital media from liability when users of those media hurt themselves.  But that’s exactly what she accomplished. Ms. Rosenberg is a Utah resident.  One day she found herself wanting […]

Personal Jurisdiction: Can My AR App Get Me Sued in a Foreign State?

Picture this: a European software company writes an augmented reality program that allows people to discover information in their respective locales.  An end user in New Jersey downloads the app, and is injured while using it.   (Maybe it gives her bad directions that cause a traffic accident, or maybe it gives her improper instructions […]

Augmented Reality Games and Physical Injury

I love games. Especially the type that really engage your mind and force you to solve problems creatively. By all indications, I’m not alone. The video game reportedly made $10.5 billion in 2009 alone. At one point, the company behind the ubiquitous Facebook games Farmville and Mafia Wars was valued at $5 billion. So you […]