God, Green Day, and Copyright – How Punk Rockers Affirmed Fair Use Rights in Worship Services

I love God, and I love copyright law. As a result, one of my longtime academic interests has been the role of copyright law in the creative communications that take place every week in worship services across the country. Specifically, I’ve written (here and here) on whether, and to what extent, the fair use doctrine permits pastors […]

Fair Use, Copyright, and Social Media

This post is excerpted from the upcoming e-treatise “Wassom on Social Media Law.” Copyright exists in order “to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts.” It accomplishes this by giving authors an economic incentive to create new works and share them with the public.  But private control over the use of expressive works doesn’t […]

Does Augmenting Art Infringe Its Copyright?

As I’ve written about before, artists and entrepreneurs have already found various creative ways to interact with physical artwork through augmented reality.  The Public Art Project, for example, sponsored a campaign that allowed various artists to digitally superimpose their own messages on billboards and other commercial advertising.  A related project recognized the face of a pirate […]

Projection Mapping, AR, and Architectural Copyrights

I have to admit: it took me awhile to “get” projection mapping. If you haven’t heard about it, “projection mapping” was defined by Mashable as ” a relatively new technology that animates stationary objects with 3D video.” I had seen references to this “new technology” in a few different places recently, and it appears to […]