This is the Future of Augmented Reality? Let’s Hope Not.

Creepy.  Deceptive.  Perhaps even misogynistic. These are not words you’d want associated with your industry.  Yet they are accurate descriptions of the lead characters in two wildly popular concept videos depicting users of augmented reality eyewear in the relatively near future. There are several similarities, and some important differences, between the two videos.  The first […]

Augmented Reality as Free Speech – A First Amendment Analysis

Does the First Amendment to the United States Constitution protect the right to augment reality? As with most legal questions about augmented reality (or “AR”), we can’t answer definitively, because no court has yet considered the issue.  But with consumer-level digital eyewear just around the corner, we will soon be faced with questions just like […]

Augmented Reality Eyewear & the Problem of Porn [FROM THE ARCHIVES]

[This article was originally posted on May 2, 2012.] Regardless of your moral outlook, porn is a serious and growing sociological ill.  It may not be the same type of problem as crystal meth, child predators, or terrorism.  But it is a problem–and one that will get an order of magnitude worse when AR eyewear […]

Invading Privacy With Wearable Video Recorders and AR Eyewear

 We are entering an era where personal, wearable video recording devices are about to become ubiquitous.  It’s already a given that surveillance cameras are everywhere in modern-day public life, from stores to gas stations to street corners to traffic lights.  Those are so small as to be barely visible anymore, and we rarely even think […]

Stealing a Glance: Eye Tracking, AR, & Privacy

The science of tracking eye movements to determine what draws our interest  has been around for more than a century.  Retailers, product designers, and advertisers use it to figure out how to grab consumers’ attention.  Website designers use it when deciding how to lay our content on a page. But augmented reality eyewear is likely […]

[INTERVIEW] BC “Heavy” Biermann: Taking Back Public Spaces With AR

I’m one of several people who write about how augmented reality will change the world some day.  BC “Heavy” Biermann is one of the few people currently helping to make that happen.  In addition to working as an assistant professor of media, BC is the founder and developer behind The Heavy Projects, the brains behind […]

5 Predictions for Augmented Reality Law in 2012

This could finally be the year that the public begins to see augmented reality as a serious, important technology.   Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief at Mashable, certainly thinks so.  He listed AR as the first of “5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012.”  “Trust me,” he wrote, “by 2013, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who […]

Augmented Reality, Political Groupthink, and Civil Society

Earlier this month, I wrote about one potential danger of immersive augmented reality–the potential for becoming addicted to it.  The chances for dependency will increase, I argued, the more ubiquitous the technology becomes, and the more we gain the ability to customize the augmented displays that we see.   Augmentation could then become narcissism and self-aggrandizement. There […]

AR Addiction: Could Augmented Reality Get Too Immersive?

Can you be trusted to design your own reality? Immersed in the Digital World Augmented Reality technology is all about customizing the world around us.  Through video-enabled smartphone and tablet apps, and soon directly through eyewear, it overlays digital data over our perception of the physical world.  The virtual world gets layered directly on top […]