[Video] Panel Discussion on AR Civil & Criminal Legal Issues from ARE2012

In the buildup to the 2013 Augmented World Expo in June, AugmentedReality.Org has posted on YouTube dozens of videos from last year’s event.  They are all fascinating and worth watching, including the fireside chat with best-selling novelist Daniel Suarez; the panel on AR eyewear;  “7 Emerging Trends” from daqri CEO Brian Mullins; and many, many more. […]

A Hollywood Insider’s Perspective on Location-Based AR and Physical Injury

Yesterday at Vox: the 4D Summit, Dreamworks’ Director of Global Interactive, Chris Hewish, gave a wide-ranging keynote address on Hollywood’s use of augmented reality. One of the examples he cited was “The Witness,” a choose-your-own-adventure-type “movie” that required users to trek all over Berlin looking for markers that unlocked video content.  He showed the following […]

VOX: The 4D Summit – Augmented Reality for Creatives

I am extremely excited to help announce VOX – the first annual summit dedicated to creative expression, storytelling, and user experience in augmented reality.  It will be hosted by the amazing folks at daqri–one of the world’s leading AR companies–and I am honored to be one of the small group discussion facilitators for the event. […]

The Augmented Reality Event 2012: Day One

Day One of ARE2012 in Santa Clara is now complete.   It’s been a full day.  My personal highlight was participating in the panel discussion ““Augmented Reality & Its Challenges in the Civil & Criminal Justice System” with best-selling author Daniel Suarez, cybercrime investigator Captain Joseph Rampolla, Cybercop Portal founder Kevin Manson, Daqri CEO Brian […]

Will the Law Require Augmented Reality for the Disabled?

More than 50 million Americans – 18% of our population – have some form of disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) was adopted to ensure, among other things, that no one is “discriminated against on the basis of disability in the full and equal enjoyment of the goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, […]

5 Predictions for Augmented Reality Law in 2012

This could finally be the year that the public begins to see augmented reality as a serious, important technology.   Lance Ulanoff, the editor-in-chief at Mashable, certainly thinks so.  He listed AR as the first of “5 Tech Trends to Watch in 2012.”  “Trust me,” he wrote, “by 2013, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who […]

Google Maps Shows the Path to Avoiding Liability for User Injuries

Why did Lauren Rosenberg cross the road?  Probably not for the purpose of creating case law that will help shield publishers in augmented, social, and other digital media from liability when users of those media hurt themselves.  But that’s exactly what she accomplished. Ms. Rosenberg is a Utah resident.  One day she found herself wanting […]

Brian Mullins of daqri: The Man Who Would Democratize AR

  Brian Mullins is not a man who dreams small.  On his to-do list? Launching a publishing platform on the order of YouTube and WordPress, creating a new mass market for 3D digital models, and democratizing the nascent augmented reality industry so that anyone and everyone can start adding digital content to their physical world. […]

Everything Illuminated: Taggants as Ubiquitous AR Markers – Part 2

  In my previous post on this subject, I described a future in which “taggants” (trackable micro- or nano-sized particles) are everywhere–in the paint on a building, the fabric of our clothes, impregnated in the metal and plastic of our consumer goods and vehicles … even in clouds of dust.  A ubiquitous network of machine-recognizable […]

ARE2011 – The Augmented Reality Event

Apologies for not having posted substantive content this week. I spent most of the week in Santa Clara, California attending the second annual Augmented Reality Event. ARE2011 was a fantastic gathering of nearly all the active players in the entire AR industry, from the humblest startup to giants like Microsoft and Qualcomm. It featured dozens […]