Top 5 Legal Issues in the Internet of Things, Part 5: Physical Safety

In this series of articles on the Internet of Things, we’ve examined two ways in which IoT devices can be intentionally abused (data security, invasion of privacy), and two systemic limitations that could impede the IoT’s growth (bandwidth overload and lack of interoperability between copyrighted software).  The final topic I will address in this series–physical […]

[Video] Panel Discussion on AR Civil & Criminal Legal Issues from ARE2012

In the buildup to the 2013 Augmented World Expo in June, AugmentedReality.Org has posted on YouTube dozens of videos from last year’s event.  They are all fascinating and worth watching, including the fireside chat with best-selling novelist Daniel Suarez; the panel on AR eyewear;  “7 Emerging Trends” from daqri CEO Brian Mullins; and many, many more. […]

Sock Puppetry in Social Media: an Interview With Daniel Suarez

Daniel Suarez is a New York Times bestselling author of three amazing hi-tech thrillers, and has become a darling of the augmented reality community.  But his books, his real-world experience in IT security, and his ideas go far beyond any one technological field.  His latest novel, Kill Decision, follows a covert military intelligence team as […]

VOX: The 4D Summit – Augmented Reality for Creatives

I am extremely excited to help announce VOX – the first annual summit dedicated to creative expression, storytelling, and user experience in augmented reality.  It will be hosted by the amazing folks at daqri–one of the world’s leading AR companies–and I am honored to be one of the small group discussion facilitators for the event. […]

Living in IPv6: What Happens When Everything & Everywhere Goes Online?

What happens when every physical object and place has an internet IP address?  This could happen in the very near future, and the impact on daily life could be profound. Several trends are already moving in that direction: Hardware: We already see RFID tags used to track the whereabouts of consumer goods.  Consumer electronics, vehicles, […]

The Augmented Reality Event 2012: Day One

Day One of ARE2012 in Santa Clara is now complete.   It’s been a full day.  My personal highlight was participating in the panel discussion ““Augmented Reality & Its Challenges in the Civil & Criminal Justice System” with best-selling author Daniel Suarez, cybercrime investigator Captain Joseph Rampolla, Cybercop Portal founder Kevin Manson, Daqri CEO Brian […]

My Interview on the AR Dirt Podcast – Plus a Discount Code to ARE2012!

My friend Joe Rampolla is an law enforcement officer and a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of cyber crime, augmented reality, virtual worlds, cyber-terrorism, cyber-bullying and undercover Internet Relay Chat (IRC) investigations.   He’s also leading the pack with the first-ever podcast dedicated solely to augmented reality.  Joe already honored me with a  written interview […]

Political Activism, Social Change, and Augmented Reality

Superimposing digital data on the physical world is not just for the 1%.  As more of our innovators, artisans, and marketers experiment with augmented reality, the tumultuous politics of our times are beginning to follow suit. Protests and Social Change This year’s Occupy movement broke new ground in various ways that will keep sociologists and […]

AR & the Law – My Presentation at the Mobile AR Event

On October 11, I had the great honor of presenting at the Mobile AR Event, held in San Diego during the CTIA Enterprise & Applications Conference. It was a privilege to share the stage with representatives from such AR pioneers as daqri, Layar, GoldRun, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Metaio, Second Site, and others. My subject, appropriately enough, […]

Brian Mullins of daqri: The Man Who Would Democratize AR

  Brian Mullins is not a man who dreams small.  On his to-do list? Launching a publishing platform on the order of YouTube and WordPress, creating a new mass market for 3D digital models, and democratizing the nascent augmented reality industry so that anyone and everyone can start adding digital content to their physical world. […]