Social Media Policies for Every Constituency: My Keynote at the Hawaii Social Media Summit [VIDEO]

I had the honor of being invited to deliver the closing keynote address at last week’s 2012 Hawaii Social Media Summit.  Aside from the fantastic climate, it was also invigorating to be among so many professionals dedicated to making the most of social media in their respective businesses.  I believe Hawaiian businesses are uniquely qualified in this regard.  Their geographic isolation already fosters a heightened sense of community, as well as a need for using online methods to build relationships with mainlanders and others.  Therefore, it makes sense that Hawaiians really seem to “get” social media.

My closing keynote focused on three types of internal social media policies for organizations: (1) a standard social media policy for all employees; (2) additional policy considerations for those authorized to speak for the company in social media; and (3) guidelines for those who set the organization’s strategy.  Below is a video of the 35-minute talk.  Because of YouTube’s 15-minute cap on video clips, I’ve broken it into three segments.  Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3