My Interview on the AR Dirt Podcast – Plus a Discount Code to ARE2012!

My friend Joe Rampolla is an law enforcement officer and a nationally recognized speaker on the topics of cyber crime, augmented reality, virtual worlds, cyber-terrorism, cyber-bullying and undercover Internet Relay Chat (IRC) investigations.   He’s also leading the pack with the first-ever podcast dedicated solely to augmented reality.  Joe already honored me with a  written interview on his “AR Dirt” blog, and now he’s just released the latest episode of his podcast featuring a chat with me about AR law.

Joe will also serve as the moderator of a panel discussion I’m participating in at the Augmented Reality Event (ARE) 2012  Conference this May 8-9 in Santa Clara, California.  I’m thrilled to join what the organizers have called a “staggering panel.”  It features IRS Special Agent David Griesbach,  Kevin Manson of Cybercop Portal, Dr. Edward Roche of Barraclough, and Daniel Suarez, bestselling author of the AR-laden techno-thrillers Daemon and Freedom(tm).  I’m amazed at the depth and diversity of experience that these guys bring to the table, and it’s a serious affirmation of the impact AR is already having on the world of law enforcement.  Attendees can also stop by on the second day of the conference for my solo presentation on “AR Law: What’s Around the Corner?”

You can read my short summary of last year’s event, ARE2011, here.  And for those interested in attending who still  haven’t signed up,  use the discount code ARDIRT375    You’ll save $120 over the list price, and $170 over the walk-in cost.

See you there!

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