Introducing the World’s First Book on Augmented Reality Law!

coverAfter many months of work, I’m pleased to announce that Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics is now available from Elsevier. This 360-page book incorporates and updates the analysis I’ve been publishing in this Augmented Legality® blog for the past four years, and expands the discussion into new subjects not previously covered.

This table of contents provides an idea of the book’s scope:

Part A – Understanding the Landscape

1. What is “AR Law,” and Why Should I Care
2. A Summary of AR Technology.

Part B – AR & the Law

3. Privacy.
4. Advertising, Marketing & eCommerce.
5. Intellectual Property.
6. Real Property Rights.
7. Torts and Personal Injury.
8. Criminal Law.
9. Civil Rights.
10. Litigation Procedure.

Part C – AR & Society

11. Politics & Civil Society.
12. Personal Ethics.
13. Addiction & Pornography.

I’m particularly humbled and gratified by how well the book has already been received by the broader AR community. The following are the endorsements that appear inside the book:

 “Any techie that follows Augmented Reality knows that AR continues to surge under Moore’s law. Brian Wassom is the indisputable, top legal expert in the realm of Augmented Reality. His perspective and legal lens continues to focus on AR and its journey to revolutionize technology. This book is a must read for any person looking to delve into the augmented world and absorb the rapidly changing legal and ethical landscape of cutting-edge high technology and its influence on society. This book is an  unmatched AR resource that yields a powerful comprehension of an evolving mass medium.”

–Joseph Rampolla – Cyber-crime expert/Augmented Reality Dirt Podcast creator/
Co-author of Augmented Reality: An Emerging Technologies Guide to AR book

“Brian D. Wassom is my go-to resource on anything having to do with how Augmented Reality and emerging technology relates to legal issues. His writing is clear, impactful, and highly accessible regarding complex legal and technical issues. His book Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics provides compelling evidence as to why Augmented Reality will drastically change culture over the next few years and how people need to prepare for what lies ahead. Brian’s wisdom, humor, and insights make Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics a pleasure to read, and a must-have resource for anyone wishing to understand how our vision of the future will be perceived through the lens of Augmented Reality.”

–John C. Havens, Contributing writer for Mashable, Slate, and author of Hacking
H(app)iness – Why Our Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the

“We’re at the precipice of the next, visual era, with smart glasses that will forever change how we look at the world. More than just a comprehensive look at the related legal, social, and ethical issues, this book will get you thinking about the full impact of what’s to come.”

Dave Lorenzini, CEO of Arc

“As the mass-media industries adapt to the newest mass medium, Augmented Reality, the combined abilities of digital, mobile, social, and virtual, all produce a quagmire of challenges and threats – as well as opportunities. Brian’s groundbreaking book is an invaluable guide to the treacherous ground that media owners, content creators, talent, news organizations, and others will face as they rush to stake their claims in the AR world. A must-read and invaluable resource for the next ten years.”

–Tomi T. Ahonen, author of 12 books including “Mobile as 7th of the Mass

“Brian Wassom is the world’s leading expert on augmented reality (AR) law. Wassom’s research pioneered the field of AR law and currently defines the way it is understood by developers. His writing points out the heart of the salient issues facing the rapidly growing field of AR. Wassom’s texts are required reading for my Mobile AR graduate course at NYU.”

Mark Skwarek, a full-time faculty member at New York University (NYU) and
the director of the Mobile AR Lab at NYU.

“Brian Wassom brilliantly illuminates some of the tricky issues of privacy, law, and ethics that will determine whether Augmented Reality results in an enhanced or degraded future for humanity.”

Tish Shute, Head of Product Experience at Syntertainment and cofounder and
chief content officer of Augmented World Expo.

“Wassom thoroughly highlights most of the key issues facing AR today while establishing a clear path for analysis in the future. From advertising, to smart cars, to the augmented criminal organisations of the future, Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics is must read for anyone looking to become deeply involved in AR over the next decade.”

Brendan Scully, Senior Business Development Manager, Metaio, Inc.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from reading this new book. And if you do, would you consider leaving a review on Amazon?