Would You Consider Nominating This Blog for the ABA Blawg 100?

In 2 1/2 years of blogging, this is the first time I’ve ever written to ask you, my loyal readers, for a favor.  It’s one that would get the word out about my blogs and, hopefully, spread the word about them to an even broader audience.  And yes, it’d be a nice feather in my[...]

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This is the Future of Augmented Reality? Let’s Hope Not.

Creepy.  Deceptive.  Perhaps even misogynistic. These are not words you’d want associated with your industry.  Yet they are accurate descriptions of the lead characters in two wildly popular concept videos depicting users of augmented reality eyewear in the relatively near future. There are several similarities, and some important differences, between the two videos.  The first[...]

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Augmented Reality’s Intersection With Culture, Law, IP and Ethics [VIDEO]

At the Augmented World Expo earlier this month in Santa Clara, California, I moderated two consecutive hour-long panel discussions.  The first, entitled “Augmented Reality’s Impact on Society and Culture,” was a lively discussion with author Greg Kipper; reality architect Tish Shute of Syntertainment, Inc.; wearable computing developer Noah Zerkin; and computer vision pioneer Dr. Steve[...]

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My Interview from Augmented World Expo 2013 [VIDEO]

This year’s Augmented World Expo (formerly the Augmented Reality Event) in Santa Clara, California was a blast.  Top-notch keynote addresses from such luminaries as Steve Mann and Will Wright complemented the largest-ever exposition of AR companies and entrepreneurs showing off an amazing array of innovations.  And I got to be part of it, as a[...]

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What Marketing Professionals Need to Know About Augmented Reality Law


Thursday night I was privileged to be part of a panel–together with Brian Mullins of daqri, Brian Bos of Mindshare, and Marty Wetherall of Fallon–presenting on augmented reality to the AdCraft Club of Detroit.  As the lawyer on the panel, many of the questions I fielded dealt with the legal issues that are likely to[...]

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AR Troll’s Patent Gets Re-Examined

fingers crossed flickr user terriko

In the comedy classic Dumb & Dumber, a woman tells Jim Carrey’s character that his chances with her are “one in a million.”  Undaunted, he responds, “so you’re saying there’s a chance!” The augmented reality industry’s chances of seeing the patent that Lennon Image Technologies has been using for the past year to wreak havoc[...]

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Trademarks in the Augmented Reality Industry


One sure sign of a healthy industry is the growth of intellectual property developed by companies in the field.  I’ve blogged a lot lately about augmented reality patents–both their creation and litigation over them.  But other forms of AR-related IP are expanding as well.  Trademarks are what companies use to distinguish themselves and their products[...]

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Double Whammy – Augmented Retailer Ditto Hit With Second Patent Lawsuit

No sooner had I finished reporting on a new wave of patent infringement lawsuits filed in March 2013 against retailers such as Ditto Technologies–the innovative leader in “virtual try-on” technology for eyewear–than I learned about a second lawsuit aimed specifically at Ditto that had been filed a month earlier, in February.  Unlike the series of[...]

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Augmented Reality Patent Troll At It Again

(c) flickr user marchange - CC licensed

Last year I reported on a six nearly identical lawsuits that Lennon Image Technologies LLC filed alleging patent infringement against online retailers using webcam-based augmented reality user interfaces.  Each complaint was based on the same patent: US 6,624,843 B2, issued Sep. 23, 2003 and titled “Customer Image Capture and Use Thereof in a Retailing System.”  Three of those lawsuits–the[...]

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Does Your Workplace Have a Sousveillance Policy?

Remember the good old days–like, last year–when all that most companies needed to know about their employee’s social media activity is that the company should have a policy about it?  Well, those halcyon days are long gone.  Now it’s only a matter of days before thousands of newly minted “Google Explorers” start wearing their Google[...]

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