Public speaking and media interviews are an important part of how I engage in the public discourse about the issues that are important to me.

Delivering the keynote at the 2012 Hawai’i Social Media Conference

My live audiences over the past few years have included the legal staff of Fortune 50 companies, legal and industry conferences, directors and staff of various companies, churches, educators, students, and television audiences. I also regularly train lawyers and even judges in emerging digital media legal issues.

The most requested topics have been Social Media Law, Augmented Reality Law, the First Amendment, Professionalism & Leadership, and the Right of Publicity, although I’ve tailored my presentations to the specific needs and interests of each audience.

I also provide media interviews on a regular basis.  In recent months I’ve appeared on public radio, public television, broadcast news interviews, and in articles published by newspapers and wire services.

If you’d like to discuss having me speak to your company or event, or if you’re a journalist seeking commentary, feel free to contact me.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements


“Public Relations & the Law”

Date: 3/6/15
Venue:  PRSA APR Prep Session, Airfoil, Southfield, MI

Topic: TBD

Date: 6/8-10/15
Venue:  Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA

Selected Past Speaking Engagements

“Cities, Privacy & Intellectual Property in the Digital Now” 

Date: 11/19/14
Venue:  CreativeMany, Detroit, MI

“Using Your iPad in Your Legal Practice” (co-presenter) 

Date: 10/28/14
Venue: Federal Bar Association, ED Mich. Chapter, Federal Courthouse, Detroit, MIfba02

“Professionalism and Leadership in a Networked World” 

Date: 10/7/14
Venue: Wayne State University, Dept. of Radiation Oncology (classroom guest lecture)

Scenarios for AR in 2020” BDW on Two Guys

Date: 9/25/14
Venue: IEEE Google Hangout

“Social Media for Attorneys” 

Date: 9/10/14
Venue:  Interlaw, Miami FL

“Overview of Social Media Law” 

Date: 8/27/14
Venue:  Private client presentation

What You Need to Know About Public Records and Open Meetings in Michigan” 

Date: 7/24/14
Venue:  Lorman Education Services, Dearborn, MI

The 3 ‘P’s of the Future Augmented World: Predictions, Privacy, and Pervasiveness” (panelist)IMG_3806

Date: 5/29/14
Venue:  Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA

“Best Practices for Social Media in the Workplace”

Date: May 22, 2014

Venue: 27th Annual UT Tech Law Conference, Austin, TX

“Social Media Policies for the Hospitality Industry” 

Date: 4/22/14
Venue:  The Mobile Host Show, Orlando, FL

“Potential Pitfalls in Social Media for Businesses” 

Date: 4/17/14
Venue:  American Marketing Association of Southwest Michigan, Kalamazoo

“Advising Clients on Creating Social Media Policies”

Date: 3/27/14
Venue:  ABA TechShow 2014, Chicago, IL

“Create a Closing Argument Using Prezi(R)” 

Date: 3/27/14
Venue:  ABA TechShow 2014, Chicago, IL

““Who Watches the Machines Watching You? Regulating Privacy in the Era of Machines That See2014-03-29 09.58.23

Date: 3/13/14
Venue:  Embedded Vision Alliance, San Diego, CA

“Public Relations & the Law”

Date: 3/8/14
Venue:  PRSA APR Prep Session, Walsh College, Troy, MI

“The Specialized Business Docket” (Guest Host)biz ct

Date: 3/7/14
Venue:  “Legally Speaking,” Sterling Heights Television

“FTC Regulations in Social Media

Date: 3/6/14
Venue:  Media Profs Enterprise Series

“Common Sense in Social Media”2014-02-27 14.22.21

Date: 2/27/14
Venue:  Fraser High School, Fraser, MI

“Telemedicine & Augmented Reality”

2013 washtenaw

Date: 1/14/14
Venue:  Webinar, AHLA Telemedicine Bootcamp Series

“Social Media in the Courtroom” 

Date: 12/12/13
Venue:  Washtenaw County Bar Association, Ann Arbor, MI

Augmented Reality Games – Legal Concerns” 

Date: 12/12/13
Venue:  AR Barcelona Meetup, Barcelona, Spain (pre-recorded)

“Augmented Reality Law” 

2013-12-13 12.21.28

Date: 11/25/13
Venue:  NYU Polytechnic

“IP in an Augmented Reality” 

Date: 11/12/13
Venue:  Michigan IP Law Association, Troy, MI

Trademark Infringement Threats on Social Media SitesPolicing and Protecting Against Brand Infringement and Counterfeiting by Website Users” 

Date: 11/7/13
Venue:  Strafford CLE Seminar

“Social Media and Other Electronic Evidence” 

Date: 10/9/13
Venue:  Michigan Poverty Law Program Training Day, Okemos, MI

“Professionalism and Leadership in a Networked World” 

Date: 10/8/13
Venue: Wayne State University, Dept. of Radiation Oncology (classroom guest lecture)

“Constitution Day Keynote” 

Date: 9/20/13
Venue:  Oakland County Circuit Court, Pontiac, MI

“Social Media in Public Schools” 

Date: 9/18/13
Venue:  Fraser Public Schools, Fraser, MI

“Augmented Reality and IP” 2013-09-12 12.38.00

Date: 9/12/13
Venue:   Dayton IP Law Association, Dayton, Ohio

“Guest Lecture: Copyright Law” 

Date: 9/12/13
Venue:   University of Dayton

“Augmented Reality Legal Issues” 

Date: 8/12/13
Venue:   Mobile Monday Meetup Detroit

“Augmented Reality: Promise and Pitfalls” 

Date: 7/9/13
Venue:   Quicken Loans Technology Conference, Detroit MI

“Social Media for Journalists” 

2013-08-13 07.42.58


Date: 6/20/13
Venue:   Michigan State University College of Law

Date: 6/19/13“Social Media in Health Care” 

Venue:  HCCS Webinar

“Legal and Ethical Issues in Augmented Reality” 

Date: 6/5/13
Venue:  Augmented World Expo, Santa Clara, CA

“Augmented Reality Legal Issues” download

Date: 5/30/13
Venue:  AdCraft Detroit, Royal Oak, MI

“The Importance of Critical Thinking” 

Date: 5/29/13
Venue:  Utica Academy for International Studies, Sterling Heights, MI

“Keynote: Practicing Law in the Digital Age” 

Date: 5/17/13
Venue:  2013 Technology Forum and Vendor Fair, Lake Oswego, OR

“Marketing Law 101″ 

Date: 5/10/13
Venue:  Private presentation

“Publicity Rights, Consumer Protection, and Social Media”

Date: 4/19/13

Venue: International Association of Speakers Bureaus Annual Meeting, Miami, FL

Keeping Your  Business Ahead of the Digital Curve” 

Date: 4/11/13
Venue:  Westin Book Cadillac, Detroit, MI

“Tackling IP: Career Advice for Law Students” 

Date: 2/21/13
Venue:  Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Auburn Hills, MI

“Augmented Reality Legal Issues” 

Date: 1/31/13
Venue:  Meeting of the IT Section of the Michigan State Bar

“Social Media and Consumer Protection Laws” on the panel “Social Media and the Law: Emerging Legal Issues and Obligations”2013-01-08 13.49.17

Date: 1/8/13
Venue:  New Media Expo, Las Vegas, NV

“Copyright in an Augmented Reality” 

Date: 11/14/12

Venue:  ArtServe Michigan, Grand Rapids

“Electronic Media Policies” 

Date: 11/13/12
Venue:  Law Conference of the Michigan Society of Association Executives, Lansing, MI

“Augmented Reality Legal Issues” 

Date: 11/9/12
Venue:  Dayton Intellectual Property Law Association, Dayton, OH

Professionalism and Leadership in a Networked World

Date:  11/6/12
Venue: Wayne State University, Dept. of Radiation Oncology (classroom guest lecture)

“Legal Risks in Social Media” and Keynote Address A5dBMaYCMAAh6aP

Date: 10/17/12
Venue:  The Hawaii Social Media Summit, Honolulu, HI

“Copyright in an Augmented Reality” 

Date: 10/1/12
Venue:  Thomas Cooley Law School, Auburn Hills, MI (Hosted by the Student IP Law Association)

“Augmented Reality , Social Media, and the Law” 

2012-09-21 12.06.20

Date: 9/20/12
Venue:  State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta, GA

“New Dimensions of Citizenship: Augmented Reality for Government and Citizens” - Breakout session (facilitator)
Date: 9/13-14/12
Venue:  VOX: The 4D Summit, Long Beach, CA

“Social Media for Judges”

Date: 8/10/12

Venue:  Annual Meeting of the Michigan District Judges Association, Crystal Mountain, MI

“Augmented Reality & Copyright Law” 

Date: 8/3/12
Venue:  Annual Meeting of the ABA Section on Intellectual Property Law, Chicago, IL

“Social  Media Legal Risks” 
Date: 7/10/12
Venue: Private event, Lansing, MI

“Social  Media Risks for Citizen Journalists” 
Date: 6/26/12

Venue: Michigan State University College of Law, East Lansing, MI

“A Model Social Media Policy” 
Date: 6/15/12
Venue: Private Event

“The Future of the Legal Profession: Did You Know?” (panelist)
Date: 6/9/12
Venue: State Bar of Michigan, Bar Leadership Forum 2012, Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI

“Best Practices for Attorneys in Social Media” 
Date: 6/11/12
Venue: Private Event

“Best Practices for Attorneys in Social Media” 

Date: 5/14/12
Venue: Private Event

“AR & the Law: What’s Around the Corner?”ARE speech
Date: 5/9/12
Venue:  The 3rd Annual Augmented Reality Event, Santa Clara, CA

“Augmented Reality & Its Challenges in the Civil & Criminal Justice System” (panelist)
Date: 5/8/12
Venue:  The 3rd Annual Augmented Reality Event, Santa Clara, CA

“Legal and Ethical Issues in Social Media” 
Date: 5/4/12
Venue: State Bar of Michigan Paralegal Section’s Annual Day of Education (Oakland University)

“Legal Risks in Social & Emerging Media” 
Date: 4/16/12
Venue: Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana

“Best Practices for Attorneys in Social Media” 
Date: 4/10/12
Venue: Private Event

Augmented Legality: How To

day’s Emerging Technologies Will Shape Your Career Tomorrow” 
Date: 4/3/12
Venue: META (Media, Entertainment, Technology, Arts) Law Society, Michigan State University

“Using Social Media in Litigation” and “Blogging to Market Your Practice”
Date: 3/16/12
Venue:  “Top Tips” video shorts for the Institute for Continuing Legal Education, Ann Arbor, MI

“Using Social Media in Litigation”

Date: 3/09/12
Venue:  Private Event, Detroit, MI
“Augmented Reality:Is Innovation Blurring the Line Between Media and the ‘Real’  World?,” (panelist)
Date: 2/24/12
Venue:  2012 MBA Media and Entertainment Conference, NYU Kimmel Center, New York


“Augmented Reality & Social Change,” on the panel “Technology, Social Media, & Revolution: Modern Methods of Organizing and Implementing Change”
Date: 2/17/12
Venue: “Modern Global Revolution:” Symposium of the Michigan State University College of Law International Law Jou


“Social Networking: Legal Implications Health Care Providers Need to Understand” (co-presenter)
Date: 2/15/12
Venue: Webinar for the Michigan Health & Hospital Association

“SOPA, PIPA, and Predictions for Social Media Law in 2012″
Date: 1/18/12
Venue: The Emily Rooney Show, WGBH Radio, Boston, MA [Stream Audio]

The Right of Publicity: Why the Red-Headed Stepchild of the IP World Deserves a Second Look
Date: 1/10/12
Venue: Andiamo’s,  Bloomfield Township, MI (sponsored by the Michigan Intellectual Property Lawyers Association)

It Has Begun: Augmented Reality & Litigation” [Watch Video]
Date: 12/27/11
Venue: ARNY Meetup, NYC

The First Amendment and Public High Schools
Date: 11/8/11
Venue: Cousino High School, Warren MI (sponsored by the Warren Consolidated School District and the Macomb County Bar Foundation)

Leadership and Presentation Skills in a Networked World
Date:  10/25/11
Venue: Wayne State University, Dept. of Radiation Oncology (classroom guest lecture)

Social Media and Private Secondary Education
Date: 10/19/11
Venue: Private Event

Top Ten Risks to Your Clients in Social Media
Date: 10/18/11
Venue: Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP, Bloomfield Hills, MI (Sponsored by the Women’s Bar Association, Oakland County Chapter)

Augmented Reality & the Law” [Watch Video]
Date:  10/11/11
Venue: Mobile AR for Smartphones & Tablets Conference, CTIA, San Diego, CA

2011 Social Media Forum,  Beyond the Basics: Integrated Social Media Marketing for Law Firms” (Panelist)
September 22, 2011, New York, NY

The First Amendment and Public High Schools,  Sept. 16, 2011, Lake Shore High School, St. Clair Shores, MI (Sponsored by the Macomb County Bar Foundation for Constitution Day) [Watch Video]

“Social Media: A Legal Overview”, July 2011 (Private event), Detroit, MI

“The Right of Publicity”, July 2011 (Private event), Bloomfield Hills, MI

“Social Media: Legal and Moral Issues”, June 2011 (Church service), Sterling Heights, MI

“Social Media: A Legal Overview,” Interlaw Americas Conference, Hartford, CT (June 2011), presenter

“Due Process: Social Media”, first aired on February 25, 2011,” featured guest of Channel 56′s Due Process [Watch Video]

“Top Ten Legal Risks in Social Media”, February 2011 (Private event), Seattle, WA

“Social Media for Lawyers: How to Advise Your Clients, Enhance Your Practice, and Build Your Reputation,”Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Macomb County Bar Association, Mt. Clemens, Michigan (December 13, 2010)

“Right of Publicity: Why the Red-Headed Stepchild of the IP World Deserves a Second Look,”2010 State Bar of Michigan Intellectual Property Law Section Spring Seminar, East Lansing, Michigan (March 22, 2010)

“Social Networking: Seeking and Keeping a Job,”Presentation to Cooley Law School, Lansing, Michigan (January 30, 2010)

“Social Media Strategies,”Presentation at the Association Law Symposium held by the Michigan Society of Association Executives, Lansing, Michigan (November 18, 2009)

“Intellectual Property 101,” Continuing Legal Education Seminar, Macomb County Bar Association, Mt. Clemens, Michigan (August 24, 2009), co-presenter